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Why Consign in a Poulin Auction?

  1. WE ARE PARTNERS: Our auction agreement is a partnership. We value the trust that our clients have placed in us to market their collection in an honest, transparent & comprehensive manner. Our goal is to generate the greatest amount possible for our clients. Consignors have entrusted our company to market over $55 MILLION in firearms and our family has generated an astonishing $400 MILLION in firearm sales. This level of trust is a testament to our values & marketing capabilities.
  2. EXPERTISE: Our staff has been trained to assist with the evaluation and marketing of your collection. With over 150 years of combined firearms & auction knowledge we are prepared to work together with consignors to market their collections to generate the greatest results.
  3. EASE: We specialize in marketing firearms from estates, trusts, collectors & families. Our professional & personable touch has a reputation for being easy to work with. Our straight forward consignment agreement with no hidden fees rewards consignor with the highest percentage of proceeds on expensive items in the firearm auction industry. Poulin?s will travel worldwide to assist with the importation of quality firearms and collections.
  4. RESULTS: The unique relationship of the auctioneer & the client working towards the same goal creates fantastic results. Our comprehensive marketing strategy together with our low commissions delivers fantastic results for our clients.
    • Sell Through Rate: Our sell through rate is one of the highest in the firearms auction industry. Our average sell through rate is regularly over 97%. When we offer your collection through our comprehensive marketing campaign your items stand a greater chance of selling and performing strongly.
    • Performance: A great sell through rate would have little importance if collections do not perform. Our auctions have repeatedly generated in the upper portion of our estimates. If you visit our price realized that is available on our website you will see that our marketing campaign generates a great response from collectors and firearm enthusiasts.
  5. CONSIGNOR DEDICATIONS: Most collections take a life time to build. Finding the appropriate venue to market your collection can be a daunting and emotional process. As a family owned business we know that in most cases consignors are financially and emotional vested in their collection. In addition to our straightforward approach that helps consignors generate the greatest price for their collection. We offer complimentary collection dedication services that feature collections and collectors in our catalogs, as well as, special marketing campaigns for prominent collections.
  6. EXPOSURE: We market your collection through an expansive marketing campaign that has been honed through the experience we have gained from being entrusted to sell many prominent collections.
  7. PEACE OF MIND: Consignors can have peace of mind that we will perform our due diligence and attain a value reflective of the current market conditions by promoting their collections in a well marketed international specialty firearms auction. Many consignors have been pleasantly surprised by their item's prices soaring far beyond the estimates & expectations!

If you want a honest fair business relationship, the best terms in the industry, the finest firearms marketing, to be part of the most significant firearm auction event in the world for all levels of goods, & if you want the greatest return call us today for free consultation 1-800-872-4406.

FINDER'S FEES: If you do not have anything to consign but you know someone who has a collection call us immediately. We are fair & generous with our finder's fees.

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